End of life support for Windows in our cloud/cluster plans

  • 8th March 2021
Dear all, Due to minimal demand we will be dropping Windows support for our cluster & cloud packages starting from the 22nd of June 2021.All clients that are still using the old cloud architecture will have to migrate their web sites to the new cloud architecture based on ISPConfig. Unfortunately the new infrastructure has no support at all ...
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Issues with emails - Cloud

  • 15th February 2019
Issue has been resolved about one day ago and after that we've not received any new reports about it. If you are experiencing any issues with your email account hosted on the cloud please contact our support team. ############# Currently we are experiencing issues with some of our mail servers under the cloud platform.The issue resulting in ...
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New website update

  • 6th March 2017
We are currently working to finish our new web site and add all our services under the new billing system.
We expect to have everything ready by the end of March 2017.
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